Important Dates

Monday 5 June 2023

2022/23 Volunteers Day


Twenty one Bowling Clubs and Affiliated Clubs attended the 2022/23 Volunteer's Day which this year was sponsored by Creightons.   The Clubs nominated the following members to receive a Bowls NSW Award for Outstanding Volunteering:

The 2022/23 Volunteer of the Year was Brian Dolan of Everglades.  As you can see above Brian does a lot of work for his Club. He is the current Club Treasurer and Delegate to BCC Management meetings.   

His President tells me that as part of his liaison role, he has been the admin support for the club Pennants selectors. He has recently spent numerous hours per week supporting the selectors in their role in advising members of selections and the weekly function of producing score cards, arranging payments to managers and Umpires and reporting wins/losses to Zone Match.

Recently due to the resignation of the Assistant Secretary and the commitments of the Secretary, he has had to stand up and cover these roles as well, greatly increasing his workload. He is a member who not only does his job as Treasurer but goes above and beyond in helping the club operate and survive.

He has been a long term delegate to the BCC Management meetings and contributes to them most effectively.  He is very reliable.  In the rare cases where he can not make the Management meeting he always sends an apology.

Brian was presented with the BCC Volunteer of the Year Trophy to proudly display at his Club until next years Volunteer's Day by Lyn Parks of Creightons and a a BCC badge form BCC President Brian Emms denoting that he is the 2022/23 Volunteer of the Year.
Brian Dolan of Everglades 2022/23 Volunteer of the Year