Important Dates

Wednesday, 1 September 2021

September 01, 2021

All BCC Events Cancelled, State Events Suspended.

Unfortunately, Zone Match has made the tough decision to Cancel all remaining BCC Events in 2021. They are: Mid-Week Pennants, Veterans Singles and Pairs and Graded Pairs. Veterans Day is now also included in the cancellations.

We are still hopeful of finishing the Zone Singles Championships, once this lockdown is over with and time allows us.

All remaining State Events are Suspended for 2021: Junior Championships, Pennant Playoff's Grade 1-7, Rookies Singles and Pairs and Champion of Champion Singles and Pairs.

Bowls NSW Ltd is considering the options available to reschedule 2021 State Events beyond the Calendar year.

Thursday, 26 August 2021

August 26, 2021

Kevin Dring Resigns as Editor of "Staying in Touch"

Kevin Dring has resigned as the Editor of the BCC e-newsletter "Staying in Touch".   As you are aware Kevin now lives in Sydney and not unreasonably has decided that after 6 years of editing the "Staying in Touch", it is time to move on.   Obviously we thank Kevin for his immense service to BCC and wish him well with his future endeavours.  We will miss the flair that he has for publicity and his unique style of passing on information.

The good news is that our Web Site Manager Jim Phillips has agreed to take on the role of editing the e-newsletter as well as continuing the work he did in his technical assistance to Kevin to get the e-newsletter published.

Accordingly Clubs should email any new items to both Publicity Officer Peter Springett ( and Jim ( Though I acknowledge that there is little bowls news at the moment unless it is bad news like cancellations and the passing of well known bowlers.

We thank Jim for taking on this additional role to maintain the excellence of communications in Zone 15 of which we are very proud.

Tuesday, 17 August 2021

August 17, 2021

Volunteers Day Cancelled for 2021

It is with regret that Bowls Central Coast advises that it has had to cancel Volunteer's Day or 2021.  Originally scheduled for 30th August 2021 at Diggers @ The Entrance, this day is another victim of the Corona Virus.  

Volunteer's Days are special days in that they acknowledge the hard work of the many bowls volunteers without whom it would not be possible to operate bowls on the Central Coast.    

Our appreciation is extended CEO Steve Byfield and the staff of Diggers @ The Entrance for going out of their way to make it possible for us to be able to schedule a Volunteers for 2021 and we trust that we will be able to bring these plans to fruition in 2022.   As all bowls volunteers would be aware there is nothing more soul destroying than to do a lot of work preparing for an event to see it not happen.

Sadly Volunteer's Day may not be the only event scheduled for the latter half of 2021 to be cancelled due to Covid.  Decisions have been delayed to 1st September 2021 on: 

  1. Veteran's Day, for which entries were called in June 2021 and was postponed to an October/November timeframe.
  2. Veteran's Singles and Veteran's Pairs Championships, and 
  3. Patron's Pairs which needs Clubs to be open in September for entries to be called and culminates in the finals on Patron's Day.   
Meanwhile stay safe, if you have not done so already, get vaccinated as soon as you can arrange it, and BCC will restart bowls events as soon as we are able.

Saturday, 17 July 2021

July 17, 2021


Just when life on the bowling green appeared to be back to normal we have copped a big hit with another Covid lock-down. This edition of “Staying in Touch’ was originally earmarked to celebrate our  blue ribbon Zone Singles Champions but those finals are now on hold until we know the extent of the lock-down. Once things become a little clearer the bowls programme for the remainder of the year will have to be re-worked at State and Zone level. Even though Bowls NSW has already  re-scheduled  the State  Pennant finals  back to September there is no guarantee they will proceed if this lockdown is extended for any length of time. The State Championships titles set down from 20-28 August at Ettalong must also be under a cloud.  We will all just have to wait and see how this lockdown unfolds?                                                                                                

 I also have a deep concern for the closure of our Clubs and small businesses. It’s their financial performance  that underpins the stability of our local  communities, so our thoughts go out to all those striving to make a living in these difficult times. On a brighter and happier note, it is my pleasure on behalf of the Executive and fellow bowlers  to congratulate Davistown's RSL and former  President and member of Avoca Beach B C, Dick Love on receiving an OAM in the Queens Birthday Honour List for his services to the Although a little belated, I also take this opportunity to congratulate all our Clubs and members on the positive attitude they adopted towards the recent unification of  the Men’s and  Women’s Bowling Associations at State level. This outcome will significantly strengthen their ability to take the sport forward in coming years.

Stay safe and well and here’s hoping we will all be back on the green in the not too distant  future.                                                                                                          

                                                                                             Tony Hegyi                                                                                                BCC/Z15 President


Sunday, 27 June 2021

June 27, 2021

Central Coast Bowling Clubs Close for the Lockdown

With the NSW Government locking down the Central Coast along with Sydney, Wollongong and the Blue Mountains.   It does appear that all Central Coast Bowling Clubs have closed.    My heart goes out to all the tournament and Match Committees who will have to reschedule events.   Would appreciate if you could notify myself (, Brain Emms ( or Jim Phillips ( of the new dates so that we can keep the BCC web site up to date.

It is all very frustrating especially when considering the stats below of the Central Coast's Covid record as at 11.30 today (27/6/21).  My thanks to Central Coast Covid News and Stats for the up to date info.

Tuesday, 15 June 2021

June 15, 2021

Bateau Bay Lawn Bowler 100 Not Out


Bernie Wykes turns 100 years old on 11 June 2021, and the lure of competition, good friends and a great game, still finds Bernie driving from his Davistown home to the Bateau Bay Bowling Club twice a week, every week.

Bernie Wykes is a wonderful enigma.  At one hundred years of age, he hasn’t learnt to be old yet.

Bernie doesn’t have time to put his feet up.  He is too busy and too active to do that.

In his younger years Bernie was a competitive cyclist in road races and on the track.  He competed in such races as the Goulburn to Sydney road race, finishing twenty second out of one hundred and twenty five starters in the 1938 Goulburn to Sydney race.

Bernie’s love for cycling only came to an end two years ago. 

The then ninety seven year old Bernie would ride his bicycle from Davistown to Kincumber and back three times a day.  

It came to an end when a young boy lost control of his skateboard, and in the collision with the out of control skateboard Bernie was tossed over the front handlebars of his bike.  Bernie survived, his bike survived, but the condition of the skateboard is unknown.

Born in Woollahra in 1921, Bernie’s parents moved the family to a property near Appin, about eight kilometres south of Campbelltown.

Bernie would regularly walk from the family home into Campbelltown and back again.

Bernie went to school at St Gregory’s College Campbelltown, before then attending Hurlstone Agricultural College, where he studied Agricultural Science.

Apart from his studies, Bernie was also working on his family’s Appin Road orchard, commencing work there as a fourteen year old.

After completing his studies and leaving Hurlstone, Bernie worked for Johnson and Johnson developing products to protect and enhance crop growth.

During World War II, Bernie served with the Volunteer Defence Corps (VDC), that had been established in 1940 to defend and protect Australian citizens during the war.

After the war, apart from his agricultural work, Bernie also worked as a welder, spray  painter and panel beater, with much of it self-taught.

Bernie moved back into agriculture, working for a company called Ivan Watkins P/L, which over a thirty two year period, and through changes in ownership and name, saw Bernie finally retire as the Production Manager for Ciba-Geigy in 1980.

When Bernie was fourteen, he met and fell for his one and only true love, Verna.  

Although attending different schools, Bernie and Verna were daily companions to and from school each day.  Some years later they married and they were together for seventy two years, before Verna’s passing.  

Their lifetime relationship was a perfect example of two souls meant for each other (although Bernie always knew who was the boss).

Two beautiful daughters, Helen and Marilyn, came along, and there are now four grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

One of Bernie’s grandchildren is actor, singer and television personality Toni Pearen.

Bernie’s love for sport and keeping active had no boundaries.

In the 1970’s Bernie built his own water ski boat, and he made good use of it.

Bernie also took to golf and he was playing off a seven handicap before he retired.  Three times Bernie holed out in one.

When Bernie and Verna retired to the Central Coast and set up home at Berkeley Vale in 1980, they both discovered lawn bowls and the Bateau Bay Bowling Club.

With Bernie and Verna both being particularly good golfers, they took to bowls with gusto.  A game Bernie said he wished he had taken up much earlier.

Bernie joined the Bateau Bay Bowling Club on 5 September 1984, and for many years Bernie represented the Club in Pennant competition, with him twice competing in State Pennant Championships.

Bernie is one of the finest Lead bowlers to have played at Bateau Bay, and to this day, he is well known to be a very hard person to beat on the greens.

Every Tuesday and Friday Bernie can be found playing in social competition and winning more times than not.

It is a pleasure to know Bernie Wykes and it is an honour to play with and against Bernie Wykes.  But don’t expect to beat him.  Bernie is as fit and capable at his favourite sport as people half his age.

There is no more respected or liked member of the Bateau Bay Bowling Club.

When asked what he attributed his wonderful long life to, Bernie simply replied, ‘Staying fit and living well’.

Written by Denis Baker, Bateau Bay BC

June 15, 2021

Bateau Bay BC Receives Govt Grant


At a ceremony on the green at Bateau Bay Bowls, President Kevin Russell graciously accepted a cheque for $5,000 from DAVID HARRIS MP, Member for Wyong.

The cheque was in response to a successful application for a Sports Grant, applied for by the Bateau Bay Bowls Club, for new bowls shirts. The application was fully supported by Mitch Williams - Sports & Community Coordinator at Wyong Rugby League Club Group and his assistance in gaining the grant was greatly appreciated. 

In the picture L-R is David Harris MP, Bateau Bay Bowls Vice President Greg Larkin, President Kevin Russell & Wyong's Mitch Williams.

President Kevin also took the time to show David Harris MP the architectural drawings of the proposed new dome to be constructed over green #1 and how this will not only benefit Bateau Bay but be a fabulous asset to bowls on the Central Coast.