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Recruitment and Retention

Below is a collection of samples of brochures, and online ads, clubs from various bowls organizations around the world are using to recruit new members, which can be used to develop templates that clubs can use to gain new members.

Please download these samples, modify them to suit your needs, add your logos/club name etc, and use them as you see fit.  Each link below will display a list of images and files that can be used to suit your needs.


Playing as a Team

What is Lawn Bowls 

Health Benefits

Introduction to Lawn Bowls 

Come and Try

Curling Craze

Easy to Learn 

Disability Bowls  

I want you - Uncle Sam Example

Free Trial

Recruitment & Retention Ideas 

South African Examples

Business Card Example


If clubs are aware of material that they consider would be useful to be added to our resources please forward them to a BCC committee member.