Important Dates

Tuesday 12 June 2018


You may have noticed a slightly different look and feel upon opening our new Web Site for the first time. Whilst it is similar to the old one and is still accessed using the normal address it contains some new and welcome features such as “Quick Links” which provides users with a one click entry to the more frequently used sites. The moving scroll message acts as a handy reminder to those important up and coming dates. The new layout is more inviting and user friendly in exploring the various menus of information and is more compatible for viewing on a tablet and smart phone. We trust you will appreciate the change?

Should your old bookmark if you use one, bring up a no page found notice, this is because your bookmark has more than just as the address. If so, just click home and you will get to go to the new home page of the web site To stop the "no page found" notice you will need to shorten your bookmark to or reset a new bookmark for the home page of the new web site. If you find any errors with the new Web Site (no matter how trivial) please advise Doug Rose