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Monday, 3 May 2021

May 03, 2021

Zone Open Pairs


2021 Open Pairs winners Bateau Bay’s Peter McCarten & Chayne Edwards

Bateau Bay’s Peter McCarten & Chayne Edwards have claimed the 2021 BCC Open Pairs title!

McCarten and Edwards won their semi final against Ettalong’s Shane White and Shane Starkey then defeating Davistown’s Luke Rash and Sean Love in a thrill seeking final! The score ended up 21-10 in favour of Chayne but the score doesn’t reflect the ability throughout the game!

Congrats Peter and Chayne and we wish you all the best in the State Finals later this year held at Ettalong!

Davistown’s Luke Rash and Sean Love



May 03, 2021

Zone Senior Pairs


2021 Senior WinnersTrevor Shoveller and Andy Barker

The Entrance duo of Trevor Shoveller and Andy Barker have claimed the 2021 BCC Senior Pairs title!

Trevor and Andy just made it through their semi-final against Davistown’s Laurie Barrett and Chris Jones winning by 1 shot at the end. Then the Entrance duo faced their clubmates Neil Williams and Richard Thornton coming down to the last end, with the score ending up 20-17!

Congratulations to Trevor and Andy for winning this title and we wish them all the best of luck at the state championships later this year held at Ettalong!

2021 runners up, Neil Williams and Richard Thornton


May 03, 2021

President Reserve Pairs


2021 Presidents Reserve winners Mark Brown and Mark Webb from Ourimbah RSL

Mark Brown and Mark Webb from Ourimbah RSL BC have claimed the 2021 BCC President Reserve Pairs title! Mark and Mark faced Halekulani’s Ross Fitzpatric and Stephen Potter in a thrill seeking final coming down the last end which was played twice because Webb killed the end with his last bowl of the game then winning it for them on the next end by putting the jack in the ditch! The score ended up 19-17!

Well done to Mark and Mark for winning this achievement and we wish them all the best of luck in the state finals played later this year at Ettalong.

2021 runners up Ross Fitzpatric and Stephen Potter


Monday, 26 April 2021

April 26, 2021

Council Moves to Sell Terrigal Bowling Club Land

We thank Freddy Dowse for giving us this alert.

 It seems there is no end to the debacle that is the Central Coast Council’s mismanagement of finances and the subsequent poor communication skills they are quickly becoming well known for.

This came to a head last week for Terrigal Bowling Club when they discovered, by pure chance, that the land on which the 70-year-old Club sits is recommended to be reclassified on Tuesday, 27 April in order to sell.

Not content with simply increasing rates to bail themselves out of the financial hole they dug over several years, Council now wishes to reduce our ability to socialise, keep active and enjoy where we live, and they wish to do it in absolute secrecy. 

Terrigal Bowling Club CEO, James Heddo said he was appalled by the Council’s lack of transparency when they have tried to make contact on numerous occasions.

“The Club currently holds a lease until 30 April 2024 but the future after this point appears non-existent in the eyes of the Council,” he said.

“Council had previously suggested that the Club could be relocated to the recreational grounds where Breakers Basketball Courts are situated. However, having viewed the ‘Tranche 3 – Land Requiring Reclassification and Rezoning’ document, it seems this land in Terrigal is also on the agenda to be sold. 

“I am incredibly disappointed that we didn’t receive any communication that this proposal to reclassify the land was part of the Council agenda. It would be devasting to the entire local community if 70 years of proud history could be thrown away due to the financial mismanagement of local government.

“As you can imagine we have many upset members at the club and I myself am outraged that Council thought this was acceptable behaviour. We are determined though to fight this for our members and community,” James concluded.

Terrigal Bowling Club has a long and storied association with its community and we now encourage the community to stand with us and fight for our much-loved club.

To sign the petition click here: 

We thank Freddy for this alert.   All Bowling Clubs with council land may be in the same boat. is a legitimate organisation based in Delaware.    It does ask for $7, but you can sign the partition without paying the $7.  Suggest that you don't provide your bank details.

Saturday, 17 April 2021

April 17, 2021

NSW Local Sports Grants Awareness


Pictured with Adam Crouch (centre) are L to R Club Chairman Frank Anderson, Bowls Director Freddy Dowse, Director & TWBC Secretary Lyn Wagnor, and Club Ceo James Heddo

Adam Crouch, Member for Terrigal, visited the Terrigal Bowling Club on Tuesday 6th April to congratulate the men’s and ladies’ bowlers on their successful application for grants through the NSW Local Sports Grant Program.  Adam handed over a cheque for $4,000 to support the club’s ongoing commitment to providing opportunities to both junior and adult bowlers, especially those adults with restricted or limited mobility issues. Adam was told that Terrigal Bowling Club hoped to encourage all groups to take up the sport and aimed to assist those that already play to continue playing bowls for much longer.

The Terrigal Bowling Club team of coaches includes coaches with qualifications or experience to assist junior, new and aspiring bowlers, wheelchair bowlers, bowlers with impaired vision and bowlers with limited mobility problems. All coaches are accredited with Bowls Australia and have satisfactorily passed the NSW Working With Children Checks.


Thursday, 8 April 2021

April 08, 2021

Bailey Meti wins the Singles at the State Under 18 7 a Side at Dubbo

 Congratulations to Ettalong Memorial's Bailey Meti for winning the Singles element of the State Under 18 7 a Side Championships held yesterday and today (7th to 8th April 2021) at Dubbo.   

Other credible performances were made by the Pairs team of Mingara's Billy Waite and Blane Cook who finished 8th in the Pairs and especially the BCC Fours team who finished 4th.  The fours team was Munmorah's Olivia Crane, Toukley District's Reegan Peterson, Gosford City's Brandon Willmette and Ettalong Memorial's Brandan Stokes.

Overall the side finished 3rd, the best that I can remember any of our sides achieving in this prestigious event.  

The players are travelling home as this notice is published and more will be said and hopefully some photos will be available on their return.   

Bailey with his Gold medal with Runner Up Zone 7's Nicholas Tyce and Bronze Medalist Zone 10's Jack McShane.