Important Dates

Monday 24 May 2021

Grade 6 nail biter comes down to the last bowl.


2021 Grade 6 winners - Halekulani.

2021 Grade 6 winners Halekulani win by one shot over Umina 45-44. They won 1 rink, lost 1 rink, and drew 1 rink. On the final end Hali had a 3 shot lead on the big board, and Umina had a 2 shot lead on the rink, with one bowl left to bowl. Had the skipper drawn another shot, Umina would have won the flag, as a draw would see them win, with more points than Hali, but it was not to be, as the skipper couldn't draw the shot, and Hali won by 1.

Congratulations Hali and good luck at Maitland in July


2021 Grade 6 runners up - Umina Beach