Important Dates

Monday 31 May 2021

Grade 1 Playoff at Charlestown Bowling Club

A spot was up for grabs in the Grade 1 State Pennant Playoff's on Sunday 30th May at Charlestown BC between the Central Coast Conference runner up, Halekulani and the very strong Northern Conference winner, Port City.

Both teams were feeling the effect of the weather early as players looked for anything warm to put on and stay that way. Green was a little tricky for all 24 players, with the cool breeze and a little drizzle making every shot ever harder then normal.

Halekulani trailed early by 10 shots after 17 ends, but then, they looked to have turned the board into there favor with some brilliant conversions by skipper Mark Wheatley and only trailed by 1 shot after 34 ends and it was game on.

Unfortunately for the Halekulani side, Port City found another gear and from then on controlled the match running out winners 66 - 43. Congratulations to Port City.

It was great to see so many spectators from both clubs making the journey to support there team.