Important Dates

Sunday 20 October 2019

All Davo Final in the 2019 BCC Rookies Singles Qualifer

After 45 Rookies competed at Umina Beach for two days it was two mates from Davistown RSL Bowling Club who contested the final.  Ron Avery played the man who was at one time his partner in Hava Go Pairs, Wade Dickens.   Wade was proudly using a set of black Drakes Pride Internationals that belonged to his father, Alf Dickens who was a New Zealand international bowler.

It was something to ponder.  The son of a Kiwi international bowler was introduced to bowls by Hava Go Pairs.

Back to the final, which was an outstanding game.  Playing to 17 up, the players exchanged 1's and 2's until it was 14 to 13 in favour of Ron.   From there Ron picked up a two that looked very much like a 3 to the spectators.  But, it was only a 2 and Ron was on 16, all but.  Then Wade picked up a 2, then in the next end another 2 to win the game by the narrowest of margins.

So, Wade Dickens will take his fathers drakes to Raymond terrace in November to represent Zone 15 in the finals of the NSW Rookies and the other blokes better watch out, he is playing great bowls.

Congratulations to Wade.  Also, Ron for making the final to loose by the narrowest of margins.  To Davo for having the two finalists and particularly to Umina Beach Club for hosting the event so professionally.  Particular thanks to Umina's Mark Speerin and  Allan Rhodes for their dedicated efforts.  Congratulations also to Andrew Lynn and the other guys at Bowls NSW.  The Draw was correct and the players all turned up.  We trust that it will all go as well with the Rookies Pairs next weekend, which is also at Umina Beach.

Winner Wade Dickens proudly showing his father's bowls that he used to win the 2019 Zone 15 Rookies Qualifiers.
 Finalists of the 2019 Zone 15 Rookies Qualifiers Ron Avery and Wade Dickens both of Davistown RSL Bowling Club