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 Testimonial of a New Bowler

What lawn bowls has meant to me
After retiring five years ago and doing all of the usual retiree things like overseas travel and maintaining the house I found that I was missing the contact with people that I had when at work.
I looked at what sport options were available and in particular those that provided me with not only exercise but the mateship contact that I was looking for. Lawn bowls was my choice as it ticked all of the boxes and in fact more once I began participation in the Club bowls programme.
An additional bonus I found was on a recent trip to Western Australia where as a member of Bowls NSW I was able to play socially at many WA bowling clubs. This allowed me to meet some of the real locals and pick up on some of the local history and gossip all at minimal cost.
In bowls I can play as an individual or as a member of a team with all of this centred on the principals of sportsmanship and inclusion. The game is not exclusive to an age bracket and has allowed me to enjoy the social company of blokes from their early twenties through to those who are looking forward to a telegram from the Queen.
I have not regretted my decision to participate in lawn bowls and can not thank the people and the organisation enough for the enjoyment, opportunity and friendship that has accrued to me over the past couple of years.
Harry Ward
Wamberal Bowling Club