Important Dates

Tuesday 29 August 2023

Junior Interzone at Dubbo

Junior bowlers from Zone 15 competed at the Interzone that was played at Club Dubbo from 19th to 20th August. Although they didn't get the chance to playoff for a Medal, each player can be very proud of the way they played over the weekend. Unfortunately, as we don't have the numbers to field a complete team, we had to borrow 3 players from other Zones. Mia Bromhead and Huxley Rowe are from Raymond Terrace BC in Zone 2 and Jasmine Bourke is from Nyngan BC in Zone 4.

Back Row L-R, Huxley Rowe, Brayden Tate, Sam Griffiths.

Front Row L-R, Steven Hutchinson, Jasmine Bourke, Kayden Beattie, Mia Bromhead.