Important Dates

Sunday 28 August 2022


The Central Coast Past President’s association (CCPPA) bowlers hosted the NSW ROYAL BOWLING ASSOCIATION bowlers in their annual shield event at Club Umina in August. This was the 10th year the event has been held which is played alternately between Sydney and the Central Coast. Unfortunately the event had to be cancelled the last two years due to the virus.
Whilst the weather looked threatening early, we were able to go on the greens and the contest began. The games were an evenly contested with the host group starting off strongly and the Royal fighting back in the later stages.
The result was a win by 1 shot by the CCPPA, their first win since the shield was introduced 10 years ago. Lunch followed after which the shield was presented to CCPPA President Ian Jarratt by the Central Coast representative Craig Ward.
Ian also presented Jim Turner with his Patrons badge due to his dedication and long service with the committee, where he has been ably assisted by his wife Maureen Turner, who also served on the committee as Secretary for many years.
Next year’s event will be played in Sydney.