Important Dates

Wednesday 12 August 2020

Strategic Plan & Covid 19 Safety Plan

Two documents have recently been published on the BCC web site.  They are examples of important work done by your Executive Committee that does not get much recognition.  

The Covid 19 Safety Plan click here was approved at the Executive Meeting of 10th August 2020  and is an example of work for which the average bowler would be unaware that must be done by law    There are lots of other examples of this type of work (e.g. maintenance of registers of members, directors, life members, signatories, interests and property, annual submission of audited financials to the Dept of Fair Trading, working with children checks).  Thankfully the Covid 19 Safety Plan was not so onerous as BCC does not own bowling facilities the management of which is 90% of a normal Covid 19 Safety Plan.  

On the other hand, Strategic Planning is a lot of work and most difficult to get the correct balance of investment of time to benefits achieved.   Version 2 of the BCC Strategic Plan (2019 to 2023) was also approved at the Executive Committee meeting of 10th August 2020 and is now on the BCC web site click here    It has been the result of a lot of work, especially by our President,Tony Hegyi.   Why do we invest all this time?  The done thing with Strategic Planning is to answer this type of question with a quote:

 “Without strategy, execution is aimless. Without execution, strategy is useless.” ― Morris Chang (the founder of Taiwan's massive semiconductor industry)

Your Executive does not maintain a Strategic Plan so we can say that we have one.  We do it to ensure that the work we are doing in executing our roles is coordinated and comprehensively covers what needs to be done for the present and the future needs of lawn bowls on the Central Coast.   

The plan includes an evaluation of our environment and our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as well as identifying key performance areas and sets review points for each area.   The reviews are not conducted by the person who does the majority of work in that area.   

The Plan is a relatively small document (12 pages) and very measured to ensure that the time invested in planning effort is commensurate with the benefits.  It is another example of essential work done by your Executive of which the normal bowler would not be aware.