Important Dates

Friday 17 April 2020

Maintenance of Central Coast Bowling Greens

Very pleased to advise that all the grass Bowling Greens of BCC Bowling Clubs are being maintained be it at a basic level.   The exception to this is The Greens The Entrance which has the added issue of the fire on 2nd March which severely damaged the Club and will undoubtedly mean that the greens can not be used for some time.  

News Update as at 29/04/2020 - Paul Stoicescu Secretary The Entrance Mens Bowls Committee has advised that greenkeepers are now tending to The Entrance greens.  Great news - our thanks to all who got this to happen. 

It is very important that our greens be maintained at the basic level.  Group Head Greenkeeper for Wyong Rugby League Club Group,Kim Smith, advises that bowling greens can not be left unmaintained particularly in March when the grass grows so quickly.  Even greens left for only one week will require a lot of time to recover.  Greens left for one month may not recover until the next regeneration season.   If we come out of this crisis at the end of May, the greens can be mowed, but the grass will not grow.     

BCC is very grateful to the licensed Clubs who have found the funds to maintain the greens even when the Club is closed loosing money.  In cases where the licensed Club has not been able to afford/justify maintaining the greens, the Bowling Committees have found a way to keep the greens maintained.   In some instances the the Men's and Ladies' Bowls Committees are paying for the greens to be maintained.  To the Committees and volunteers who have found a way to keep the the greens maintained, we say thank you.

When we finally get the green light to get back on the greens this Zone will be as ready as we can be.

Greenkeeper Shane White has the Everglades greens looking a picture.