Important Dates

Wednesday 11 March 2020

Senior Inter Zone Side Looses Quarter Final

Having won through to the Quarter-Finals in a thriller against Zone 11 (Manning District) our Senior IZ Side after a close tussle lost the Quarter Final against Zone 12 (Sydney South West) by 4 shots 55-59.  

The team of Gary Frost (Ettalong Mem), Kevin Bowcock (Avoca Beach), Dick Thornton (The Entrance), and  Phil Westcott (Ettalong Mem) played a blinder winning 21 to 7.  The all Ettalong Memorial team of Greg Pigram, Alan Lewin, Colin Passfield, and John Roberts lost 17 to 25.  The third team of Terry Hughes (Terrigal), Selva Panchadcharam and Miro Perovic (Gosford City) and Tony Shoebridge (Terrigal) lost 14 to 27.  

The Central Coast side started the event on Tuesday morning 10th March 2020 with a strong win over Zone 3 (North Western NSW) 70 to 43  Our only loosing rink being the team skipped by Phil Westcott by one shot 18-19.  However the 2nd game in the afternoon against defending champions Zone 9 (North Sydney) was a disaster with a loss on all three rinks 46-82.  The best performed team was the aforementioned team skipped by Phil who unluckily went down by another one shot 16-17.  

This resulted in the Central Coast having to play Zone 11 (Manning District) for the right to progress to the Quarter Finals.  It should be remembered that last year Central Coast was the defending champions only to be defeated in the Quarter Finals by Zone 11 on Rex Johnston's last bowl of the quarter-final.   However this year, playing to get into the quarter-final Central Coast won by 3 shots.  Tony Shoebridge's four had a draw.  This time Phil Westcott's team had a win by one shot, and John Robert's team won by two shots.

In the end, Central Coast (Zone 15) was defeated in the quarter-final as it was in 2019, but the Central Coast side still established themselves as one of the strongest sides in the event.