Important Dates

Thursday 5 September 2019

Canton Mixed Bowlers Mixed Pairs Championship 2019.

Congratulations to Doug Roffey (Skip) and Linn Bourke (Lead) who defeated Frank Butler (Skip) and Fay Tilley (Lead) to take out the Canton Mixed Bowlers Mixed Pairs Championship for 2019 at Canton Beach Sports Club on Thursday September 5th.
Frank and Fay won the first end by one shot, but then Doug and Linn “put-the-pedal-to-the-metal” and rattled off 10 straight ends to lead 16-1 at end 11 before Frank and Fay struck back with a 3 shot win on end 12.
However, Frank and Fay were only able to score a further 3 shots as Doug and Linn powered away again to take the title 22 shots to 7 at end 20. 
With Doug and Linn on an unbeatable lead, end 21 was not played.
Frank Butler is to be commended for a 'gutsy' performance as he took to the green not at his best having just been discharged from hospital after being treated for a virus.

The semi-final, played two weeks earlier, was a 'nail-biter' with Doug and Linn pitted against the team of Alan Carpenter and Judy O'Connor.
With both teams putting in an entertaining exhibition of bowls, the score was tied at 20-20 after 21 ends and the match was forced into a one end 'tie-breaker'.
The extra end 'tie-breaker' was also a nail-biter with both teams in overdrive and at the end the Umpire had to be called to decide a close measure, with Doug and Linn being declared the winner.

Bob Bourke
Canton Mixed Bowlers.