Important Dates

Sunday 7 October 2018

Norah Head Celebrates First Ever Pennant

It was all hands on deck at one stage as Bowls Coordinator Nathan Shell, President Ron Ellis and Secretary Don Sutcliffe ensured that their 2018 Grade 7 Pennant was hoisted on the flagpole without any mishap when it was raised for the first time on 6th October 2018.

Earlier a good roll-up of 50 people attended a luncheon to celebrate the Clubs first ever Pennant win since the Club began in 1965.   The luncheon and flag unfurling was attended by Bowls Central Coast Secretary and State Councillor Doug Rose and BCC Treasurer and Life Member Albert Heath.  At the luncheon a minutes silence was observed for Club stalwart  Phil Warner.  Phil skipped one of the rinks of the winning pennant side but passed away a matter of days after the finals win.

The members of the winning 2018 Grade 7 Pennant Side were
William Butterfield, Rowland Simpkin, John Metcalfe, Phil Warner
Les Ryan, Les Sutcliffe, Peter Gough, Don Sutcliffe
Keith Wood, Colin Gardner, Ron Ellis, Paul Davis
Reserve: - Bill Turnell Manager: - Nathan Shell

Pictured below are Bowls Central Coast  Treasurer and Life Member Albert Heath with Norah Head President Ron Ellis