Important Dates

Representative Sides - Selection Criteria


  1. Reward outstanding performances at club level, pennant competition, zone level or higher.
  2. Recognise potential and proven ability of those players who show the desire to be representative players for the zone. This will be achieved by communication between clubs and selectors.
  3. Team balance, player support and camaraderie will be considered of vital importance throughout the selection process.
  4. Player attitude and behaviour on and off the green demonstrated in all levels of bowls will influence the selection panel’s decision with the selection of a team that best represents the zone at all times.
  5. Consumption of alcohol before and during a representative match that is deemed by the selectors as excessive will result in a player’s non selection in subsequent matches.
  6. The selection panel will make themselves available for any discussion or feedback requested by any player that seeks to improve or develop his game.
  7. The Chairman will make himself available to discuss any issue of complaint with any player with strict confidentiality.