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Monday 31 October 2022

The Entrance Win BCC Open & Seniors Triples

Congratulations to The Entrance for winning both the Open and Seniors championships  in the 2022/23 BCC Triples.  The finals were played today (30th October 2022) under the dome at Bateau Bay.  All three finals; Open, Seniors and President's Reserve were great games to watch, but the results were all solid wins.   The Open Triples were won by The Entrances' Paul O'Grady, Luke O'Grady, and Ben Bourne 27 to 20 over Davistown's Mark McLaughlin, Luke Rash, and Sean Love.   The Senior Triples was won by The Entrances' Neil Williams, Michael Gibbons, and Dick Thornton 33 to 20 over Ettalong's Gary Frost, Alan Lewin, and Phil Westcott.  The President's Reserve was an all Ettalong affair with Chris Letherbarrow, Justen Sylvester, and Mark Harrison defeating Neville Barber, Ted Adams, and Bob Taylor 26 to 13.

The Entrances' Winning Teams

President's Reserve Finalists

Senior Triples Runner's Up