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Wednesday 3 August 2022

146 Over 70 Bowlers Attend Veterans Day

 After a hiatus of 28 months, Veteran's Day was enjoyed once more by the Central Coast's veteran bowlers.  The Day was cancelled by Covid in 2021 and was delayed by a further 4 months to avoid playing the day in the heat experienced in 2020.   

Veteran's Day is open to Bowls NSW registered bowlers who are over 70 (Veterans) and over 75 (Super Veterans).  Because of the numbers of veterans who attend the day it is held at 3 venues.  Canton Beach Bowls for northern clubs, Bateau Bay Bowling Club for central clubs and Everglades Country Club for southern clubs.   145 bowlers attended the day across the 3 venues.  

The day was most enjoyable for the veteran's.  Thanks to the support of sponsor Creightons Funeral Service and the host clubs.  The day was a free day for the veterans who arrived at 12.00 noon for a light lunch, then a game of bowls before coming in for the presentation of veterans and super veterans badges supplied by Bowls NSW.

The oldest bowlers at each centre were Eddie Atkinson (South) who is 93 and according to reports is still very active on the dance floor as well as with his bowls.  Bill Brook (Wyong) was the oldest person entered for the day at Canton Beach.  Bob Cormack from the Diggers at 94 was the oldest at Bateau Bay and overall for the day.  All the oldest bowlers were presented with a bottle of wine.

Chair of Selectors and State Councillor David Cameron congratulates Eddie Atkinson the oldest veteran at Everglades Country Club

The 45 Veterans from northern clubs who enjoyed Veteran's Day at Canton Beach bowls