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Sunday 7 November 2021

CCPPA Sticks With the Same Committee for 2021/22

The Central Coast Past President's Association at it's AGM today (7/11/2021) returned the same executive committee as was elected last year.  Only difference was new Committee man Martin O'Malley who replaced retiring committee member Pam Price.

A group of 40 members met at Umina Beach BC for the AGM.  President Ian Jarratt advised that despite the issues with Covid 19 the CCPPA did hold four successful events last year and is looking forward to a full calendar in 2021/22.  Last year their weekend bus trip had to be called off and deposit monies refunded due to travel restrictions but there will be another bus trip planned in 2022.    

After the AGM the members hit the greens for a game of bowls, then came in for lunch and a chat.  It was indeed a very pleasant day. 

The new committee is:

President: Ian Jarratt

Vice President:  Gwen Jarratt

Secretary:  Larraine Cooper

Treasurer:  Les Sharp

Committee Members:  Terri Causby, Pat Reynolds, Martin O'Malley.

The next event is the Christmas Party at Ettalong Memorial BC on Sunday 21st November 2021.

We trust that with Covid 19 travel and other restrictions easing that the CCPPA have a much better year for the end of 2021 and the first 9 months of 2022.

Doug Rose

The 2021/22 Committee: Pat Reynolds, Larraine Cooper, Ian Jarratt, Terri Causby, Martin O'Malley, Les Sharp, and Gwen Jarratt.

There is always some bean counting to do as Treasurer Les Sharpe checks to costs of the day with Secretary Larraine Cooper and President Ian Jarratt.   Alan Button, Pat Reynolds and Gwen Jarratt are in the background.