Important Dates

Sunday 6 August 2017

Past Presidents Assoc - UMINA BOWLING CLUB

Umina Club’s men’s bowling members hosted the Central Coast Past President members on 6th August 2017. Thanks Steve Stead and you’re bowling members for making the day so enjoyable.
After a delay due to late arrivals we got out onto the greens on a beautiful “SPRING” day in Autumn. To start the day off a spider was held with all contributing a gold coin.

This time we had a few greens of Umina players which made the day so much more enjoyable
After completion of a games we were then treated to a BBQ lunch which had been prepared by the men’s section.

Whilst waiting to be served the 100 club and raffle was held.

An enjoyable day was had by all. Stan Rogerson welcomed some new members and presented them with a CCPP Cloth and badge.