Important Dates

Sunday 28 May 2017

Halekulani Capture No 1 Pennant in Tense Final

GRADE 1 WINNER : HALEKULANI (Not in any particular order)
Mitch McDonnell, Mitch Guise, Pat Reynolds, Michael Stead
Darren Wheatley, Brian Walker, Bill Constantine, Paul Williams
Chris Willingham, Steve McPhillips, Bruce Jewell, Lindsay Willlding
Reserves:- Dallas Thompson, Zac Henley
Side Manager: - Ken Filsell
The Grade 1 to 4 Zone Pennant finals were played in great spirits in front of a colorful and vocal spectator crowd at Halekulani BC on Saturday 27th May 2017. The following games brought the Bowls Central Coast 2017 Pennant competition to a successful conclusion: -
 Grade 1 Halekulani 59 d Terrigal 53
In a very tight shot for shot contest, the outcome of this game on the master scoreboard rested on the very last end of each team, with Lindsay Willding’s boys of Chris Willingham, Steve McPhillips and Bruce Jewell picking up a telling five for an overall match winning team win of 25-12. Michael Stead’s team finished their last end with a three to put the overall result out of doubt.  Well done to Hali which was their first Grade 1 Pennant win since 2010.
Grade 2 Ettalong Memorial 67 d Toukley District 59
In a game of two halves, Toukley District led early but Ettalong came home the stronger with John Hannan’s team of Mark Endacott, Darren Walker and Gilbert McIntyre recording a match winning 26-17 victory and Brett Jacobson’s team getting up by 22-20 to offset Graham Maiers’ narrow loss of 19-22. This was Ettalong’s only flag win in 2017 and their first Grade 2 win since 2002
Grade 3 Munmorah United 58  Davistown RSL 53
It was a great final with very little separating these two sides. Munmorah won two close rinks, Paul Beckhouse 22-18 & Ron Spek 17-15, whilst Davistown’s Justin Shelley just over shadowed Munmorah’s Daryl Walton 20-19. It was Munmorah’s first Grade 3 Flag victory since 1994.
Grade 4 Terrigal 65 d Evergdes 39
This was one of the most convincing wins of the final series with Terrigal’s Jason Gouw  and Hadley Pullins’ teams recording convincing wins of 26-8 & 22-12 respectively. After the disappointment of Terrigal  going down narrowly to Halekulani in Grade 1, this was a sweet victory for the Terrigal Dolphins and their first Grade 4 victory since 2002.
All finalists were presented with winner and runner-up badges and the winning Clubs received the traditional pennant flag and a cash award to help offset expenses  in attending the State Final Series to be played from 4th-6th August  at St Johns Park (Grade 1) Wagga Wagga (Grade 2), Maitland City (Grade 3 and Tuncurry/Forster (Grade 4).
GRADE 2 WINNER: - ETTALONG MEMORIAL (Not in any particular order)
Kevin Kilday, Greg Shirley, Tony Leslie, Graham Maier
Mark Endacott, Darren Walker, Gilbert McIntyre, John Hannan
Ian Tyerman, Peter Wiblen, John Wiblen, Brett Jacobson
Side Manager: -Sharon Tyerman

GRADE 3 WINNER: - MUNMORAH UNITED (Not in any particular order)
Robbie Dummett, Steve Diduszko, Dave Whitehead, Paul Beckhouse
Peter Allan, Barry Holder, Glenn Dawson, Daryl Walton
Ray Austin, Michael Heaton, Reg Kelley, Ron Spek
Side Manager William Hammond,
Reserves: - John Roberts, Greg Molyneux
Coach Paul Wesche

GRADE 4 WINNER:- TERRIGAL (Not in any particular order)
Alan Bailey, Colin Newell, Keith Cook, Ian Griffith
Jim Benson, Peter James, Rod Palmer, Jason Gouw
Steve Howarth, Peter Lavery, Gary McMahon, Hadley Pullin
Reserves: - John Syer, Jack Fernance, Jim Newton
Side Manager: - Graham Cannon