Important Dates

Monday 22 May 2017

Bowls Central Coast reaches out to new audience

After allowing for the distribution of prize money to the seven (7) Zone Pennant Grade winners from the proceeds of the BCC Raffle conducted earlier in the year, it was decided that the balance of funds be invested  in a six (6) week advertising campaign on Community Radio  Five-0-Plus FM 93.3 and Coast FM 96.3. It is the first time that these mediums have been used to promote lawn bowls and will reach a new target audiences in line with the sports age profile. The advertisement is designed to stimulate interest in the sport  and encourage listeners to find out more about the game from a nearby club. The campaign commenced on 93.3 FM week commencing 14th May and 96.3 FM. Stations will run the campaign one week on and one week off or the next six weeks
Click Here to Listen to Coast FM 96.3 Advertisment