Important Dates

Tuesday 7 March 2017

Umina Pair win Sectional Final of Hava Go Pairs in a Thriller

In trying weather conditions the contestants all had a fun night.   It was quite a spectical with astonishingly good bowls being played on a very heavy green.   It was wonderful to see four of the teams from a small club like Mooney Mooney very much involved and enjoying themselves immensely.  The ladies from Mooney were talking about trying to form a Mooney Mooney Ladies Bowling Club.  What a stunning accomplishment that would be in these days of declining bowling memberships.
The Umina officials of Ian Jarratt, Shane Starkey and Mark Speerin did a great job to ensure that the event ran smoothly despite the weather.
The contestents who had all won throuh from their Club events included teams from Umina (3), Gosford City, Ettalong (2), Mooney Mooney (4), Terrigal, and Avoca Beach.
Bowls Central Coast Secretary Doug Rose presented the winners Umina's Peter Spingett and new bowler Sterling Young with $400 and ther runner's up Mooney Mooney's Dennis Coyle and new bowler Mick Shakeshaft with $100.   Peter and Sterling now go through to the final at Bateau Bay on 17th March 2017 where they could win another $400.
TEAM A Mark Hogden and Kate Hogden  Umina Beach
TEAM B E Parsons and G Parsons   Gosford City
TEAM C D Morewood and P Freestone   Ettalong
TEAM D J O’Donnell and N O’Donnell   Mooney Mooney
TEAM A Peter Spingett and Sterling Young Umina Beach
TEAM B Sean Farell and Neil Massey Terrigal
TEAM C A Delaportas and Dave Snow Mooney Mooney
TEAM D J King and D Richards Avoca Beach
TEAM A T Grant and Nathan Malloy Ettalong
TEAM B Susie Hanson and Russell Steen Mooney
TEAM C Geoff Collins and Gary Taylor Umina Beach
TEAM D M Shakeshaft and D Coyle Mooney Mooney