Important Dates

Monday 18 July 2016

Bay Bowlers - Creightons Memorial

2016 Creightons Memorial Triples
The Bay Bowlers Tenth  annual Creightons Memorial Triples was held at Wyong Bowling Club on Monday 18th  July, The club was well pleased with the teams that entered the event to make the day a success and to fill the two greens. The format for the day was a gold coin donation to enter the 'spider' followed by two games of 10 ends then a delicious pizza  lunch in the clubhouse before going  back out onto the greens for a third game of 10 ends, with the winner to be decided on wins plus margins.
Flowers for the “ Birdie
Joan Davis was presented with flowers from Lyn Parkes from Creightons
 Highlight for the day was when Joan Davis  got a “birdie” when a magpie wandered onto the green and was hit by Joan’s bowl
When the scores were tallied up after the last game the winners were Bob Burns skip Margaret Harrison second & Joan Davis lead. Second place went to Alan Webber, Eric Robb & Anna Wilson.                     
3rd Place went to Dave Dash, Mimi Burns and Bob Bourke, 4th Place was Clarrrie Spindler, Sue Robb and Laurel Andrews.
Thanks to the generosity of sponsors Creightons Funeral Service it was a green fee free day with the delicious pizza lunch included, and all monies raised from the 'spider' and the raffle is to go to charity.