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About Us - State Councillor

Doug Rose

Bowls Central Coast's State Councillor is BCC Secretary Doug Rose.  Doug was elected as State Councillor at the August 2016 AGM.   He had also been State Councillor from February 2010 to July 2012.  BCC President Kevin Dring served as State Councillor from July 2012 to August 2016.

The State Councillor takes forward appropriate matters to the Board and Senior Management of Bowls NSW.  Normally they are matters raised at BCC Management Meetings but they can be matters that have been raised by a Club directly to him.  If your Club is having any difficulties in it's dealings with Bowls NSW you are most welcome to seek the assistance of your State Councillor.  You can contact Doug preferably by email at or phone 43 444 600.

Under the BCC Constitution the State Councillor is a member of the BCC Executive who is elected to that position every second year.  The State Councillor reports to each BCC Management Meeting and the BCC Annual Report.  The primary role of the State Councillor is to represent the State President in this Zone and to represent this Zone and it's Clubs at State Council meetings.

State Council

Under the constitution of Bowls NSW, the State Council is an advisory body to the Board.  It is comprised of a State Councillor from each of the 16 Zones   The General Manager, CEO and Members of the Board of Bowls NSW also attend State Council but do not vote.  Presidents of each of the 16 Zones are also invited to attend, but do not vote. BCC President Kevin Dring or in his absence Deputy President Tony Hegyi also attend State Council meetings.  State Council meets four times a year including the day of the Bowls NSW AGM.

State Council Charter

State Council has a charter that documents how State Council operates.  An element of the Charter nominates topics that need to be addressed.  Currently, these items are:

  1. Communication
  2. Membership & Recruitment
  3. Junior Bowls
  4. Survival of Small Clubs, and
  5. Coaching

These matters are always included on the agenda of Management Meetings.  Clubs are invited to submit their thoughts on these matters to the next Management Meeting.