2017 Pennant Book

Print your own 2017 Pennant Book

You can print an up to date Pennant Book on your own printer.  The booklet is up to date as at the date on the front cover of the book (Click here to see the most recent changes).  It is twice the size of the professionally printed pennant book and therefore easier to read.

You will need Acrobat Reader DC, which is already installed on most computers.  If you do not have Acrobat Reader DC it can be downloaded free of charge from the ADOBE website (click the icon below).

You will need a printer capable of printing double sided, and colour.

Download the document 2017 Pennant Book A5 as at 28/5/2017 (click here) Save the document and open it with Acrobat Reader DC.  

Select PRINT or click on the Printer symbol and the following print box will open:

Click on the Booklet button as shown below.


The print box will change as follows.  Click the Print Button as shown.