Club of the Year

                   CLUB OF THE YEAR AWARD      

This award initiated by Zone Director Peter Coombes was first introduced at the inaugural Bowls Central Coast Presentation Dinner held at Ettalong Memorial Bowling Club on Saturday 9th January 2016. Clubs were invited to submit nominations by the end of November against a wide and varied range of criteria along the following lines: -

The Bowls Central Coast Club of the Year Award is not about bar or poker machine turnover or the gastronomic delights of the Club bistro.

Nor is it, how many Zone Pennants or Club Championship titles a Club has won, rather it is designed to recognize those Clubs that actively participate in Pennants, Zone Championships, Mid Week Triples to Veteran and Volunteer Days and special events such as Recruitment Days and ALOHA Bowls.

Whilst performance on the green comes as a bonus, it is more about the quality of club administration in terms of developing a sound working relationship with the Zone; from attending Management Meetings to keeping members informed of coming  Zone events and activities and encouraging participation.

Another important aspect is seeking to grow Club membership, creating a friendly and welcoming environment, providing a varied and popular bowls programme and showing a commitment towards the local community and the welfare of past and present members.

It may well be said that all clubs strive to achieve these qualities and whilst that is very true, it is the subtle differences and emphasis that sets one Club apart from the other.


Club of the Year Highly Commended
2017 Umina Beach BC  
2016 Davistown RSL BC    
2015 Gwandalan BC Ettalong Memorial BC