Love what You Play : It’s more than a game

Did you know that Lawn Bowls is the most widely played sport on the Central Coast? 

But be warned Lawn Bowls can be addictive because it combines all the social qualities of club life with a friendly game of bowls in the company of good mates. What’s more it’s gender friendly with organized matches for men, women and couples, or a highly competitive game which tests your skills against the very best in the game. 

Over recent years the game has been transformed into a colourful and entertaining spectacle with players wearing coloured uniforms and playing with various models of coloured and speckled bowls. 

The game can be highly competitive with interested spectators becoming involved with applause and barracking as they watch the outcome of every bowl sent down the green. 

Lawn Bowls is a sport which is easy to learn and relatively inexpensive compared to other sports. 

Every club has accredited coaches who will teach you the basics for free and in a short space of time you can be on the green ready to experience why the game has such a large following of some 5,000 men and women bowlers on the Central Coast. 

For those that have thrown that last pass, hung up the cricket bat and pads, get the yips over the putter or just searching for a less physical outdoor recreation then Lawn Bowls is definitely worth a try. 

The pinnacle of Lawn Bowls, the final of the Central Coast Pennant competition across seven grades takes place on  Saturday 31st May 2015 at The Greens The Entrance BC commencing at 12noon. What better opportunity to see the best players in action and witness this great game for the first time. Entry is free and you are welcome to use all the club facilities and amenities on this day.