As Social or Competitive as You Wish to Make it


From the relaxed and carefree gatherings of barefoot bowls, to social and competition play at Club level, lawn bowls offers the sports minded person a new social environment in which to make new friends and discover a new sporting interest.  Bowls is an exceptionally friendly activity providing plenty of fun and healthy exercise for all those that participate.

Bowling Clubs on the Central Coast offer an excellent range of facilities and are quite often the hub of their local community. It is a good idea to drop into your nearest club on a bowling day to have a good look around, meet some of the bowlers and watch them playing. It’s not as easy as it may look and the earlier people take up the game the better they are likely to become. Most clubs offer free introduction coaching and provide bowls for practice whilst being coached. There are dedicated men’s and women’s clubs and whether you are single or have a partner you will be most welcome.  Another nice feature of the sport is that bowls can be enjoyed by couples and singles alike and most Clubs offer special mixed days and mixed events.

Another natural entry point into the sport of bowls are those sports persons around 35-45 years retiring from competitive cricket, football, tennis or golf who are still keen to keep active but are seeking something a little less physical.  Anyone who has played a sport requiring hand/eye coordination seems to take to bowls like a duck to water. Golfers are jokingly reminded that bowlers never lose a bowl on the green.

The competitive side of the sport offers Club, Zone and State championship play through to State and National sides participating in the Commonwealth Games. The most popular competition at Club level is Pennants played amongst local Clubs in the area over a 10 week period across seven (7) grades catering for all ages and different skills levels. From a total membership on the Central Coast of around 4,500 men and women bowlers around 2,000 would play competitively with the remainder happy to enjoy the social side of the sport. As we say, it is as “Social or as competitive as you wish to make it.”

If you would like to witness the pinnacle of the Central Coast men’s Pennant competition, the finals of all seven grades are being played at TheGreensTheEntranceBC  Warrigal Street The Entrance on Saturday 30th May 2015 commencing  at 12 noon. Anyone is most welcome to drop in, entry is free and you will be pleasantly surprised at the colorful spectacle and exciting atmosphere.

If you would like to learn more about the sport, how to get started or about the Clubs on the Central Coast we suggest you look up the Bowls Central Coast Web Site