Discover a new sport and many new friends


From the relaxed and carefree social gatherings of barefoot bowls to social and competition play at Club level, lawn bowls offers the sports minded person a new challenge. It’s not as easy as it may look and the earlier people take up game the better they are likely to become.

From Mooney Mooney in the south, to Morisset in the north and inland to Gwandalan on the banks of Lake Macquarie, there are 24 Clubs on the Central Coast eager to help the beginner get started. All Clubs offer free coaching and the free use of bowls during an initial introductory period.

The perception that lawn bowls is a sport only for old people is far from the truth, as these days bowls cuts across all age groups from school goers to retirees. It is one of the largest participant sports in the country and it is truly, a sport for all ages.  

With the Central Coast being a popular destination to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, it follows that the Coast can boast of many retirees seeking a sea change. Part of that big step, is settling into a new environment, making new friends and getting involved in the local community. The local bowling Club is the ideal place to do just that, as bowls is an exceptionally friendly activity offering plenty of fun and healthy exercise. It can be as social or as competitive as you wish to make it. That is entirely up to the individual. Another nice feature for those with partners is that bowls is a sport that can be enjoyed by couples and singles alike and many Clubs offer special mixed days and mixed events.

At the other end of the spectrum, most Clubs also offer junior membership and many schools now include lawn bowls as a choice within their sport’s programme. Bowls NSW also conducts an active programme for junior boys and girls under the age of 18.

Another natural entry point into bowls are those sports persons around 35-45 years retiring from competitive cricket, football, tennis or golf who are still keen to keep active but are seeking something a little less physical.  Anyone who has played a sport requiring hand/eye coordination seems to take to bowls like a duck to water. Golfers are jokingly reminded that bowlers never lose a bowl on the green.

Over recent years lawn bowls has taken on a new look with coloured clothing and coloured bowls and it is certainly no longer the rigid and regimentally administered sport that some may think.

We would encourage anyone of any age to drop into their nearest Bowling Club to simply say G’day and check out what your Bowling Club has to offer as most will be pleasantly surprised. The most common reaction is ‘I should have taken up the game years ago, I am sorry I left it so long?’

The pinnacle of Lawn Bowls, the final of the Central Coast Pennant competition across seven grades takes place on  Saturday 30th May  at The Greens The Entrance BC commencing at 12noon. What better opportunity to see the best players in action and witness this great game for the first time. Entry is free and you are welcome to use all the club facilities and amenities on this day.