BCC Zone 15 Structure



The Central Coast District Bowling Association/Zone 15 Inc trading as Bowls Central Coast  is the overall governing body of the 25 affiliated bowling clubs of the Central Coast, and is an integral part of the Royal New South Wales Bowling Association (RNSWBA).

Within bowling circles the Bowls Central Coast is also known as Zone 15 as the RNSWBA has the state of New South Wales divided into a total of 16 areas known as Zones to administer the game at a local level.

Bowls Central Coast does not have an office and all its office bearers operate from home. The Zone’s nominated home base club for meetings and special gatherings is the Bateau Bay Bowling Club operated by ‘Canterbury Bulldogs’ who are also the Zone’s major sponsor.


The current annual capitation fee for members of Bowls Central Coast is $14.  A multi-membership capitation fee of $7 applies to members for their membership at 2nd and subsequent Clubs within the Zone.   Under 18 players are not charged a capitation fee.

The overall structure of the Zone and key responsibilities of the various committees who administer the game at grass root level, are as follows:-

ZONE 15 EXECUTIVE: - President, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice Presidents (4) and the State Councillor.

The executive are responsible for the overall administration and conduct of the sport of lawn bowls on the Central Coast.

This includes the running of  RNSWBA association events such as the inter club Pennant competition (7 grades), Zone championship events (Singles, Pairs, Triples & Fours), Champion of Club Champions (Singles & Pairs), Inter-Zone Representative fixtures (Open & Seniors) and Junior Championships (Singles, Pairs & Fours).

Outside of these association events the Zone also conducts ‘open’ representative fixtures against neighbouring Zones such as the Pat Geary Shield, inter-zone games for emerging and developing players, special senior fixtures and a mid-week ‘Triples’ competition.

Whilst the Zone also has an overall responsibility for the development and conduct of the sport, this is achieved largely through individual committees who are responsible for key aspects of the game such as - Coaching, Umpiring, Under 18's, Match and Selection.  Some of these committess are joint committees with the Central Coast Dristrict Women's Bowling Association.

Other aspects addessed by the Executive Committee include Recruitment, Sponsorship, Financial Management, Special Events, Constitutional Review, Publicity, web site management and technology implementation.  The State Councillor who represents BCC at RNSWBA meetings is also a member of the Executive Committee.

MANAGEMENT GROUP: - The Executive plus two delegates from each club and 1 representative from each sub committee 

This group formally meets every two months and provides the opportunity for clubs to table their views and opinions on a range of issues.

All major issues are ratified by the management group and their views significantly influence the direction of the Zone

The management group elect all office bearers at an Annual General Meeting.

MATCH COMMITTEE: - Chairman plus 6 committee

This committee implements and conducts all association events including the pennant competition, Zone championship titles, mid week Triples and any special events.

The Match Committee is also responsible for the following:-

  • The recruiting and nomination of players and teams, the tournament draw, recommending venues of play and the reporting of results.
  • For maintaining a master register by Club of Player Gradings and to liaise with RNSWBA on all player grading matters.
  • The inspection of Club greens to ensure they conform to the laws of the game and that green surfaces are up to standard for competition play.
  • Compiling the annual Programme of Events.

SELECTION COMMITTEE:- Chairman plus 4 committee

This committee is responsible for monitoring the form of bowlers in open company and identify bowlers with potential to develop beyond their current level for additional training and development.

The selectors recommend the selection of players to represent the Zone in representative fixtures.

COACHING ACADEMY: - Chairman, vice chairman, secretary/treasurer plus up to 4 committee

Primarily responsible for the training, accreditation and re-accreditation of club coaches.

The accredited coaches within the conduct ‘circuit training’ sessions at the invitation of clubs and for emerging players on special Bowls Academy days and organise coaching seminars for a  wide cross section of bowlers.

UMPIRES COMMITTEE: - Chairman, senior vice & vice chairman, Secretary/Treasurer plus 3 committee

Responsible for the recruiting, training and accreditation of Level 1 umpires for club and Zone duties as required.
Also, the training and examination of Level 2 umpires.
The reaccreditation of umpires every four (4) years is also a very important aspect of their duties.

Under18 ACADEMY: - Under18 Manager/Coordinator, Secretary plus nominated Development Officers.

Responsible for the recruiting and development of U/18 Bowls on the Central Coast including the running of Zone championship titles, special events and representative fixtures.


ZONE 15 STATE COUNCILLOR: - Singular role elected by members

This person is the Zone’s elected representative who sits on the RNSWBA board, and votes in accordance with the wishes of the Zone’s membership and/or executive on key issues. He is an important voice on behalf of the Zone, and also keeps the Zone membership and Executive informed on discussions surrounding major issues. 


This position is appointed by the Executive and is responsible for media releases of association events to local electronic and print media, monthly Zone reports to BOWLS NSW, and editorial articles for the Zone 15 publication Coast BOWLS NEWS.

Web Site & IT Advisor

Appointed by the Executiveto develop, maintain and manage all aspects of the Zone Web Site and provide IT advice and assistance to the Zone and Clubs

Recruitment and Retention Officer 

Appointed by the Executive each year to develop promotional programmes and provide marketing advice to ensure Clubs are proactive in undertaking membership recruiting drives. 

Special Events 

A member of the Executive is appointed each year to liaise with Clubs and neighboring Zones on the programming, staging and sponsorship of special days on behalf of the Zone